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Ideal date with Moscow girls - most romantic places

Dating Moscow girls is so romantic! Having butterflies in your stomach, enjoying every minute spent together – is that about you? Right, that's an absolutely great experience. And now the moment has come when you want to make something unusual for your woman – to surprise her genuinely, and to make an evening together unforgettable. Maybe you are going to propose to her, or maybe you are just selecting an anniversary of your acquaintance? You will be surprised to know how many experts have already taken care of a nice romantic evening for you and your mate at one of Moscow's roofs with splendid views, cozy atmosphere, and great cuisine.

Check our list of recommendations with the top 5 list of most romantic places in Moscow located on the roof:
  1. Buono. Selecting this restaurant with a breathtaking bird's eye view on Moscow will always be a winning choice. It is located on the 29th and 30th floors of the Radisson Royal Hotel, so you will find premium service, delicious food, and a plenty of pleasant emotions during a romantic date in this place. Many dishes are very original, and though some people will find it a bit over-priced, the view and the cozy, romantic atmosphere of relaxation are definitely worth it!
  2. Bar Sixty. Any of the Moscow women will adore an evening in this bar located on the 60th floor of the Federation Tower. You may also find this evening unforgettable – it is the highest restaurant in the entire Europe! So you will surely have a nice story to tell your friends back at home about this unique place. What is more, fans of exquisite dishes will always find something to their taste here; for instance, you may try a green salad with Kamchatkan crab just for about $20-25, a rare treat!
  3. Sky Lounge. This is probably the most famous rooftop restaurant of Moscow, and it is worth its reputation. Your Russian bride will remember this day until the end of her life, due to memorable views on the Moscow State University, Sparrow Hills, and other picturesque places, as well as delicious dishes and a very pleasant atmosphere.
  4. City Space bar. Does your Russian woman like sushi, and you long to taste some delicious pasta? That can be arranged within one dinner! Arrange a memorable date in the rooftop restaurant City Space located on the 34th floor of the Swiss Hotel with a splendid view of Moscow's busy streets. The bar is globally famous for its cocktails and fusion cuisine, so you may have a luscious steak, delicious Italian pasta, or top-notch sushi there.
  5. Moscow's Roofs agency. Do you wish to have the entire romantic date meticulously planned and prepared for you and your Russian girl? Then Moscow's roofs is your perfect destination – the agency not only reserves a cozy rooftop place for the two of you; it can also arrange a private dinner with high-end catering on one of the Moscow's roofs where nobody but you will be present. Absolutely romantic, isn't it?
No matter the event, you will surely make the right choice by selecting one of the roofs in Moscow for meeting your gorgeous Russian girl and spending a night out together. But please keep in mind: simple climbing to the multi-floor building is not the right solution; you will find it hard to bring the t able, food, drinks, and candles there, let alone that it is quite dangerous! Select one of the popular romantic places on Moscow's roofs, and your beloved will surely not be disappointed!