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Advice on visiting the best Moscow sights with a Moscow bride

Moscow is a vibrant, beautiful city – the capital of a huge and diverse country, so visiting it, even though you might have come to meet Moscow brides more than to visit Moscow tourist sites, still requires at least a basic acquaintance with its attractions. What will you tell your curious friends as soon as you are back home? They will never forgive you for having no photos and stories about the most symbolic Moscow sights – we bet you will regret ignoring the tourist paths of the city, so why make this mistake? We have prepared the list of must-see attractions in Moscow that even a traveler with a very tight schedule should attend:
  1. The Kremlin and the Red Square. Being in the city center, you will hardly be able to miss this grand tourist attraction, since all tourists are moving either towards it or from it. It is the historical and political center symbolizing Russian culture. The Red Square is the center of Russian life for more than 5 centuries already, and if you visit it with your Russian bride, she will definitely tell you many interesting stories about Ivan the Terrible's tortures of his prisoners in the 16th century, the Lenin Mausoleum, and the famous address of Napoleon to his army on this square. There are many more legends you will find out here, so do not lose this chance to touch the rich Russian history concentrated in this iconic place!
  2. St. Basil's Cathedral. This cathedral is the most iconic religious building of Moscow with a rich history. Ask your Russian woman to show it to you – it is located in the Red Square, so you will not waste too much time for getting to it. Its construction was ordered by Ivan the Terrible to symbolize his victory over the Tatars in Kazan, and one of its nine chapels conceals the remains of Basil the Blessed, an iconic Russian martyr and saint.
  3. Seven Sisters. This architectural marvel was created by Stalin in the post-war years, so now they stand out as a prominent feature of Moscow's skyline. They are a part of the Russian Soviet legacy, so they are an indispensible element of the city's attractions.
  4. Dating. Russian women does not presuppose traveling with them using the Moscow metro it is much more preferable to select a more comfortable method of travel, for instance taking a taxi or renting a car. However, Moscow metro is an architectural sight on its own, and you should not neglect visiting it, at least as a matter of a tourist's curiosity.
  5. If you are interested in Russian art and culture, then you should necessarily find several hours to visit the Flea Market in Izmailovo. It is the most popular destination of artisans and artists selling their artwork and souvenirs to tourists and Russian art lovers since the 17th century. What is more, you can find some unique vintage things, Russian brides jokingly call them “granny's stuff”, but those who collect rare old things will always find some items to their taste here.
These are only a handful of sights you may admire, so in case you have decided to dedicate some time of your Moscow visit to tourism, consult your representative in the Moscow dating agency – he or she will find the best tourist routes for you to get the most memorable impressions from this city!