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Look at the best romantic places for a date in Moscow from an extreme perspective!

Look at the best romantic places for a date in Moscow from an extreme perspective!

If you still think that a 100% guarantee for a successful date are candles, music, and a beautiful view – then this post is definitely for you. Moreover, if you are planning a date with a Russian woman from a Moscow marriage agency – you will be surprised, if not to say stunned, by the romantic expectations of your Russian girl.

Indeed, no one will deny such an integral element of an ideal date as romance, yet understanding thereof might be somehow different today. Different, but not worse. So, instead of a traditional dinner – ride an octopus, instead of visiting theater – .jump out of an airplane high above Moscow! Scared? Don’t be!

Following our tips and recommendations, you will discover best romantic places in Moscow for those who want to spend their time with a beloved person actively and originally.

Happylon - your Happy Russian girl

If you are not sure about the level of extreme your partner can tolerate, we strongly recommend starting with something not so shocking and surprising. The best option here would be to visit a newly opened amusement park Happylon, which is fairly considered the largest amusement park.

There, in a company of your lady, you can enjoy such extreme ways of rest such as riding an octopus, turtle, or dragon either in the small aqua park or on the adult roundabout. In addition, if you feel the lack of adrenaline, administrators will kindly offer you the opportunity of falling down to earth in a huge flying saucer. If you decide to do something fun and easy, Happylon is definitely for you, as it has nearly 20 attractions and more than 200 game machines for both adults and kids.

Still, everyone knows that the sweetest journey is the one to your childhood. Everything is possible in this entertaining paradise, yet there is the only thing you have to be aware of when going to Happylon with your Russian girl. The area of the amusement park is almost 6,000 square meters - so hold the hand of your partner tight if you do not want to lose her.

Sky, Height, and Your Russian Woman – A Lovely Company, Isn’t It?

If the excursion to Happylon seems childish and boring, and you struggle to make your date unforgettable, then use the recommendation of your Moscow Marriage agency and invite your Russian woman for the Tandem Skydive in Moscow. The two of you can enjoy the rush of the wind and the breathtaking feeling of height and freedom together in the beauty of the sky. Moreover, such an adrenaline-increasing adventure can check your love bonds and the level of trust in your relationships.

Who knows, maybe these 60 seconds of free flight can change everything? Yet, if this entertainment seems too nerve-wrecking for a date, there is always a wonderful alternative – a Hot Air Balloon Flight from Moscow. From a colored and bright balloon basket, you will experience stunning views of famous Moscow sites such as the Dmitrov Kremlin, the Assumption Cathedral (Uspensky Sobor), St. Elizabeth Church, and other popular places. A glass of champagne and some sweets served there will create a fantastic romantic atmosphere just for the two of you. So, who said that dating a Russian woman is difficult? You have the chance to disprove it – just do not be afraid to face some challenges.